Guided Imagery and Music

Guided Imagery and Music is a powerful tool that uses music to foster a connection to our core values and beliefs, providing clarity as we move forward in our lives.

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music is a music-oriented exploration of consciousness. It offers persons the opportunity to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of well-being, as well as awaken to a greater transcendent identification. It is practiced primarily in psychotherapy and counseling settings. Specifically sequenced classical music programs are used to stimulate and sustain a dynamic unfolding of inner experiences. Facilitators who conduct sessions in this one-to-one modality have backgrounds in the helping professions and are formally trained in The Bonny Method (description from the Association for Music and Imagery).

Adaptations of The Bonny Method are often used as well. Music Imagery, though similar, is an adaptation that is more topic or issue focused. Music Imagery often integrates other creative modalities, such as visual art, dance, or creative writing used in combination with a shorter sequence of music. Music Imagery can also be utilized in a group setting and is a creative tool for uncovering group dynamics. Music Imagery is very effective when there is an issue to delve into in greater detail.
The Bonny Method and Music Imagery are both powerful tools, which modality is used is dependent on the needs of the individual in the moment.

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