I am a board certified music therapist and a Fellow of The Association for Music and Imagery.

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  •  Board Certified Music Therapist
  •  Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery
  • University of Miami, Bachelors of Music, Music Therapy, 1995
  • Indiana University, Masters of Science, Music Therapy, 2008
  • Aalborg University, PhD research student, Music Therapy, in progress

Currently, I am a part time lecturer at Eastern Michigan University and maintain a private practice in Northern Michigan.  My PhD research is a mixed methods research protocol examining Guided Imagery and Music as a treatment modality for trauma, with a focus on military sexual trauma. http://www.mt-phd.aau.dk/organisation/current/maya_story/


My philosophy about therapy

I believe that the relationship among the client, the therapist, and the music is where the magic happens. Music has an incredible power that would be empty without the life and soul of the individual experiencing the music.

I feel my role as a therapist and a guide is to hold space for an individual and to witness her experience and hear her story. I feel it is important to be able to be with someone else in his sadness, in her joy, in their fear. I feel that we as a society talk too much and listen too little.

I feel the resonance that happens with music, individuals and groups holds a central role in the power of therapy.

In my practice, I use many different experiences of working with music, which may involve playing/ creating/ listening/ reflecting.

As a Fellow of The Association for Music and Imagery, I have spent extensive time studying music imagery and The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music and use these methods in my practice.

Some of the individuals who have influenced my theory and work:

Ken Wilber and Integral Theory

Daniel Stern and Forms of Vitality