Maya facilitates individual and group Guided Imagery and Music sessions in Portland, Oregon.



Regular GIM sessions with Maya Story carried me through two of the more difficult years in my life. Maya is a seasoned, perceptive, professional and peaceful practitioner. Her wise guidance, paired with her adept use and knowledge of classical music set the stage for me to access strength and insight I may not have otherwise. GIM is empowering and therapeutic and took me to a deeper level of resolution and healing that my experiences with traditional therapy (which have been positive too) had not reached at any point.

I left each session quieted, soothed and at the same time, awake to what I needed to carry me forward. GIM is a great resource for people who might be looking for powerful creative options for doing personal work but also for people who tend to have a head and heart divide. The combination of music and Maya’s direction supported me and made it possible to break through internal barriers and to integrate emotionally.

I am grateful to Maya for her role as a healer in my life. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her work.

~Kelly Bean African Road


Maya Story is a sage guide, a healing presence and a trustworthy source of insight and wisdom.  Some of the most profound experiences of emotional healing in my life have happened in the quiet of her guided imagery sessions.  Under her able care and her expert use of classical music, I’ve been able to access a particular kind of strength and self-acceptance I can’t imagine experiencing in a more traditional therapy setting.  This innovative and deeply reflective approach to doing personal work with the support of music, your imagination and an expert guide has transformed my life over and over again.  I cannot recommend Maya or this therapeutic approach highly enough.


~Jen Lemen Hopeful World



Maya is the absolute epitome of a sage and a healer. Working with her is like diving into a nice cool lake after years and years in the dessert. With the assistance of perfectly chosen music and just the right questions, Maya creates the safest space for a deep dive into uncharted waters of your intuition and psyche. There, together, in an almost-dream-space, you navigate unhealed wounds, unfinished business, hidden dreams, and the masked truths of your soul. There are few other healing modalities that allow for such honest exploration, or yield such powerful insight. In fact, working with Maya was the only release and salve I was able to find during one of the hardest grieving periods of my life. After our session, I felt physiologically and psychically altered, and truly at peace with what had been a source of deep agony and pain. Maya is fearless in the face of the human condition, making her a priceless guide in the process of transformative healing. For someone seeking resolution or breakthrough, there is nothing I’d recommend more than a GIM session with Maya Story.

~Rachel Maddox rach. mad. love